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Chimney Repair Services in the New Jersey

Chimney services are essential for maintaining the exterior of your home looking beautiful while also ensuring that the interior is safe to live in. A chimney can deteriorate over time due to age and frequent use, leaving your home vulnerable to flames and smoke. This is why, at Etan Construction, we recommend performing a comprehensive chimney inspection at least once a year to see if your chimney is still in good working order or if it needs any repairs

Chimney professionals service

If you need chimney repair in the New Jersey, contact us and our team of specialists will offer all of the essential advice on how to make your chimney completely functional. We are a chimney inspection firm with the essential tools to determine the extent of repairs required so that you do not waste money on unneeded tweaks or sweeps.
Take care of your chimney’s health and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the pleasures that your fireplace has to offer.

Chimney Cleaning Services

A chimney can become clogged with dirt and debris that gets caught in the inside walls over time. A clogged chimney, on the other hand, is particularly dangerous since it stops smoke from being expelled, making the air within your home unfit to breathe. Furthermore, obstructed chimneys might make your property vulnerable to fires. As a result, chimney cleaning is a necessary duty that no homeowner should overlook.

For a speedy and complete chimney cleaning in New Jersey, contact Etan Construction. Our effective chimney inspection procedures and extensive chimney repair skills enable us to return your chimney to its original state, allowing you and your family to enjoy a cozy winter by the fireplace.

Chimney Inspection and Restoration

Chimney Inspection and Restoration
Every homeowner should be aware of the chimney inspection and restoration process in order to keep their fireplace running efficiently all year. Etan Construction uses the highest-quality materials, experienced professionals, and cutting-edge procedures to restore your chimney to its former glory. Our chimney services include masonry repairs, waterproofing, capping, and gas lines, among other things. When you choose us to repair your chimney, we’ll keep track of the work every step of the way to ensure yours complete satisfaction.

To identify the best course of action for your chimney restoration, contact us for a free consultation. A member of our New Jersey based staff will be pleased to help you with your questions. Consider Etan Construction to be your neighborhood chimney specialists, always ready to assist you in getting the most out of your house.

George Hockley

The whole team is awesome 👏 Professional, reliable and affordable!

Kathy Bates

So friendly and professional, and did a great job cleaning our chimney.

Meagan Stone

Amazing service! As a first time home buyer I was clueless about chimney/fireplace maintenance and utilization.Ben came out, performed his inspection and took his time walking me through how to use my fireplace. He was prompt, thorough and patient. I highly recommend using Etan Construction LLC.


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