If you’re an average New Jersey homeowner, you should know how much you can expect to pay for an exterior chimney repair job on your property. Before you do anything else, remember that there are many different types of chimneys and chimney repairs; therefore, your job will cost more or less depending on the damage and the labor required to get the job done correctly.

Chimneys need to be correctly maintained and serviced. If you find that your chimney has cracked, stained, or deteriorated mortar joints, it may be time for repair. You can find out the average cost of exterior chimney repairs by calling a service company or talking to your roofer.

The average cost of exterior chimney repairs typically ranges from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the damage and severity. The worst types of damage will require complete replacement with a new unit. Mild cracks and minor deterioration would need patching and refractory mortar (cement).

A chimney flashing is designed to do just that, flash water and moisture away from the masonry below. This can be done by a polyurethane or elastomeric (rubber) coating. The flashing depends on your geographic location, as water can be more prevalent in some climates.

Once installed, a polyurethane or elastomeric coating will last 5-8 years on average before needing to be replaced. Not only does this cost cover the new installation and labor, but it also includes the costs for clean-up and disposal. Many other factors may influence this cost, such as storm damage, house age, condition of chimney construction, etc., so it is best to reach out to a qualified technician for more information.

Inspecting your chimney is a great place to start when considering a chimney repair. The smoke passage, the crown (the top opening), and the chimney liners should be inspected for any cracking or splitting. Damaged bricks and mortar will also need to be fixed before other repairs.

It’s best not to climb up onto the roof on your own but instead have a professional who can provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage and liability protection if they happen to get injured during work.

With your chimney needing some repairs, it can seem overwhelming to calculate the total cost. Fear not, as this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about exterior chimney repair costs in New Jersey and how much various parts of a chimney cost. What factors determine the external chimney repair cost? The answer lies within four significant factors that can each impact the price of exterior chimneys: material selection, construction type, inspection type, and scaffolding costs.
For instance, an external masonry chimney constructed without roof flashing may need less work than one with roof flashing but should still be priced out before commencing any work.

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