In early autumn, you start to see the leaves changing color and falling from the trees. Then, the days get shorter and colder until snow covers the ground, and you bundle up in jackets, scarves, and gloves to go outside.

Most people don’t realize that these are all signs that winter is coming, so it’s time to have your chimney inspected before you use it! Not sure why you need to have your chimney inspected? These four reasons give you a good idea of why this service is so important.

A chimney is your home’s way of preventing severe fires and costly damages; just as you don’t take chances when checking oil levels or changing tires, it’s essential to ensure that your chimneys are in good condition. The inspection process ensures that you identify any potential problems before they become major issues and keeps your family safe this winter. 

The main concern for many homeowners during the cold months is their fireplaces and the safety of their chimney systems. The last thing you want to do during these freezing temperatures has your fire go out due to lack of proper ventilation. Preventing such a tragedy will be as easy as scheduling an inspection with professional technicians.

Numerous studies show that more than one of every five home fires in North America involves a chimney. A crack in the chimney can cause exhaust to backdraft, allowing oxygen to enter and mix with combustible materials in the house. This produces an explosive chemical reaction, increasing the fire risk or even an explosion.

Furthermore, blocked flues lead to excessive pressure buildup, which can rupture pipes and even dislodge bricks or other debris from the exterior of your chimney. In these cases, a clogged flue can create life-threatening conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning and soot inhalation.

The most common risk when your chimneys aren’t up to code is that gases can back up into your home or fireplace and start a fire! Other possible hazards include insect infestation, excessive moisture buildup, and failure of masonry materials.

Besides that, you might also want to know if any soot or smoke is leaving your house that could harm your family’s health. This can result in anything from dry skin, respiratory issues, and even cancer. On top of that, it will save you a lot of money on heating bills because if your chimney isn’t working correctly, it can put stress on your furnace, which causes higher energy costs.

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