Chimney repairs are an essential aspect of home maintenance that can have severe consequences if not performed correctly. The inside of your chimney should be inspected yearly to ensure the structure and interior are in good condition, so you can continue using it without risking harm to yourself or those around you. This article overviews some essential points when planning your next chimney repair service.

People often underestimate the damage that a blocked chimney can do. Not only is it a fire hazard, but if left unchecked, gasses like carbon monoxide may begin to fill up inside your home. That, paired with smoke and potential flames, is a recipe for disaster.

If you’ve seen the red glow coming from your chimney at night or had thick, black smoke coming out of it during the day – all warning signs that something might be wrong – it’s time to call in an expert to take care of business. And as a bonus, repairing your chimney should help cut down on allergens in your house by ensuring they stay outside where they belong. Finally, you’ll save money on heating bills by installing insulation on your chimney!

No home is complete without a chimney. Nothing can compare to the experience of sitting in front of the fireplace with family and friends. But one thing you never want to do is have an unhealthy fire inside your fireplace.

If you have ever smelled smoke from your fireplace, it may indicate that your chimney needs repairs. While you may think it will pass at first, if you don’t take care of it soon, the problem could worsen exponentially as time goes on. Left unrepaired, not only will your family continue to breathe toxic fumes while they sleep, but you could even face damage to your roofing or foundation due to poor air circulation over time.

Here are a few things you should do when your chimney gets damaged:

  1. Call a professional for an inspection to assess the damage to ensure it doesn’t get worse. A professional will likely be able to tell you what repair or service is needed immediately, but if they can’t, they’ll schedule another appointment at your convenience.
  2. Contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Just like any other mishap that damages or causes loss to property, this one will have to be reported as well so you can figure out the process together with your insurer on how much it’ll cost and what you need to cover while they’re repairing the damage done by fire or smoke.


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